Geke de Vries

(Pronounced Gay' ka de Frees)

Working with yarn and fabrics was part of my everyday life when I grew up in the Netherlands. When studying for a teacher education degree, arts and crafts were included in the curriculum. After moving to Madison I explored weaving, and became intrigued by how color, texture, and patterns interact. I have enjoyed taking the stimulating and inspiring classes at conferences. They have encouraged me to try new ideas and techniques at home. This year I have created, as a result, scarves and cowls woven with hand-painted yarns, creating surprising color effects.

I am fascinated by weaving traditions of other cultures. Traditionally, people all over the world have explored ways to make cloth. In some cultures weaving is a part of every day life. It has been a joy to visit weavers in various countries to learn about their techniques and materials as a part of the culture in which they live. I am fascinated by the beauty of cloth and the intricate patterns woven on traditional looms, and have incorporated some of the techniques I have learned in my own work. My love of textiles has taken me to Central Asia, India, Mexico, Peru, and on a 2018 trip to Bhutan.

I teach beginning weaving classes in my home studio, and as a weaving instructor at Oakwood Village Retirement Community. In 2019 I will teach "The Joy of Weaving -- Open Studio" class at The Clearing, in Door County. My handwovens are shown at art fairs and at my studio in Madison.

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