Jane Kayser
A weaving course in college introduced me to the process of weaving rugs. I loved the rhythm. Thirty years and four children later, there was finally space in my house and head to pursue that love. A Depression-Era Union rug loom was found in the early '90's and so I have been weaving rag rugs every winter since. Though the product and process are centuries old, I attempt to bring a more current approach with my colorings and patterns. 

The driftwood is a newer interest. When the woman who made driftwood wreaths for my shop became too ill to continue, her husband gave me permission to give it a try. Loved it! The driftwood is now my summer interest.

Closing my shop in 2016 provided more time to develop new products: stringers, 2 styles of ornaments, tea light holders.  Come see what's new!.