Margit Moses

My silver pieces are made using precious metal clay, which consists of microparticles of pure silver mixed with an organic binder and water, so that it can be formed using texture plates, hand-built, or by applying multiple layers of silver clay in paste form to natural material such as leaves.  The pieces are formed, dried, and then processed either in a kiln or with a torch.  With high heat, the organic binder burns off, and the silver particles sinter, or fuse together.  The result is pure silver or fine silver, which is 99.9% pure, compared to sterling, which is 92.5% pure.

I also work with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and natural beads, including coral, horn and bone, sea urchin spines, wood, and seeds, and with art glass beads, often combining them with silver or copper elements.  My great weakness is attending bead shows, where the possibilities seem endless.  My favorites include big baroque freshwater pearls, turquoise, agates, coral, smoky quartz, magnesite, carnelian, and many of the jaspers.

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