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Luci Shirek

Creating art is my passion. My face glows when I have a paintbrush in my hand and my mind is a whirlwind of ideas. For me, art ideas are everywhere. As I look at the red, orange and purple barren landscape, or the green grass and brown trees reflected in the still water, I paint the vivid scene in detail in my head. As I photograph houses and farm buildings aglow in the sunlight, I see a painting now finished with stark contrasts of bright lights and dark shadows. As I contemplate a still life lesson using fruits, images of apples now turn into multi-faceted abstract paintings. I never have to look far for ideas. They seem to jump out at me!

My work has always been both realistic and abstract. My work represents nature, buildings, or still life's as my eye sees it or my mind sees it. Some works turn out as realistic as a photograph or as abstract as just shapes. I love to work in both forms; I need both the structure and the spontaneity.

As a creative person, I cannot work in only one medium. Although my main focus is on watercolor painting, I also work in oil, acrylic, and gouache and previously serigraphy and ceramics.
I teach watercolor for the University of Wisconsin Union Mini-Courses, Madison College Enrichment Classes as well as various weekend watercolor workshops. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and a “thank you” makes me smile. It takes lots of things going on at the same time to keep me happy. I’ve always been that way!

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